To No End and Tonal Caravan

at the Old Crow

Written By Jimmy Cummings


It’s no secret that the Mid-west is home to some of the country’s best and most talented musicians. Here in Middletown, Ohio we are blessed to be smack dab in the middle of all the action as bands zigzag their way across the Buckeye State. In recent months Buckeye Music Magazine and the Old Crow Bar have teamed up to tap into this talent pool of bands and musicians in an effort to put the spotlight back on Middletown’s music scene. The response from bands and fans alike has been overwhelming resulting in some amazing shows like the one that took place January 24 when we welcomed Tonal Caravan and To No End for what turned out to be a classic.

Tonal Caravan rolled into the Middletown area for the first time since their stellar performance at Buckeye MusicTonal_Caravan_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-408.jpg Magazine’s V.I.P. Party at All Nighters Studio this past September. Bryce Robertson (Guitar, Vocals), Matthew Parkison (Bass, Vocals), Ian Taylor (Keyboards, Vocals), and Stuart Cotton (Drums, Vocals) made a great impression that night so we were excited as hell to have the guys back, this time at the Old Crow. The band from Muncie, IN offered up an excellent set that that highlighted Tonal Caravan’s eclectic sound; a musical concoction of Rock, Bluegrass, Funk, and Jazz. These guys aren’t a bit shy about Tonal_Caravan_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-496.jpgstepping onto the stage and just letting rip and at the Old Crow they did just that. I found myself getting lost in tunes like “Life of Crime” and Midnight Traffic”; the combination of Rock and Jazz is irresistible. There were several times during the set when I would simply quit taking pictures, close my eyes and enjoy. These guys put on quite a show and reeled in several new fans in the process including Old Crow owner John House who had the guys booked to come back March 7 before they left for home.

Tonal_Caravan_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-435.jpg Tonal_Caravan_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-466.jpg

The night was just getting started when To No End took the stage around midnight; these guys were chompin at the bitTO_NO_END-Peril_and_Paracosm.jpg and ready to roll. The night marked the Middletown release of the band’s new album entitled “Peril and Paracosm” which we had been jamming on for a while thanks to Guitarist Nick Dellaposta so we were stoked to catch the band live. The CD is jam-packed with the band’s signature mix of Rock, Blues, Counrty Rock, and Grunge. On this night Nick and band mates Eli Booth (Bass), Grant Evans (Guitar, Vocals), and Patrick Lanham (Drums, Percussion) treated us to a heavy dose of tunes from the new album and a whole lot more.  

In the weeks leading up to their show at the Old Crow, To No End had been out promoting To_No_End_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-514.jpgthe new album with shows at Canton’s Buzzbin Art and Music Shop and then on to Blind Bob’s in Dayton. There was a great crowd at the Old Crow and the band wasted little time giving the hometown fans what they had been waiting for. Nick and the guys ripped into an amazing set that included tunes from the new CD like the hard driving “The Afterlife”, the Grungy/Rock tune “Lay Awake and Dream”, and my favorite called “Heavy Rain” featuring Dellaposta on Guitar and Evans on Vocals. To No End’s new CD “Peril and Paracosm” is a great listen from start toTo_No_End_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-559.jpg finish but these guys are even better up close and personal. The CD only gives you a glimpse into the energy and showmanship the band displays on stage; these guys put on a great show. The band delighted fans with a tune from their debut CD Curio called “Somethin’ Wrong With You” and then Nick invited his father and local favorite Bob Dellaposta on stage for a couple of songs that included a cover of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” that nearly blew the roof off the joint. These guys are for real and they are just getting started. I would definitely put To No End on my MUST SEE list.  

To_No_End_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-555.jpg To_No_End_at_The_Old_Crow_Bar-724.jpg

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